February 2018

Whatboy Founded

Adam and Dax met up in the Windsor Castle pub in Sutton and talked about what they wanted to do with their lives. By the end of the day they'd both agreed that they wanted to make really really good games with a small, talented team of developers. Adam came up the name 'Whatboy' right there on the spot.

May, 2019

Trials of Fire Early Access Announcement

Trials of Fire had been simmering in Adam's head for a while, but it all came spilling out at EGX Rezzed, 2019 when we showed it off to gamers for the first time. That was a good day. Trials of Fire then launched on Steam in Early Access a few days later

April, 2021

Trials of Fire Full Launch

After almost 2 years in development (and some incredible collaborations with a group of about 5 freelancers) Trials of Fire emerged out of Early Access and into full launch on Steam and Epic Games Store.

January 2022

Development begins on 'Project Leaf'

Following a short break to recover after Trials of Fire, we started our next game, Stellaris Nexus. Now in full development and looking awesome, we're expanding the Whatboy team. If you are interested in working with us or just having a chat, take a look at the job vacancies below, or just send us a message and say 'hi'

meetOur Team


Game Director

Adam heads up everything to do with design, code and technology for Whatboy.


Studio Director

Dax takes charge of all aspects of Marketing, PR, Community, Legal and Biz Dev for the studio.


Art Director

Ingmar is the guy with the eye! His Art skills are unrivalled.


Whatboy is a small team with big ambitions.
We are a group of indie developers and artists who deeply care about making great quality strategy games.
The studio is currently comprised of people with loads of dev experience, but for us a burning passion to make great games is the most important thing.
If you are INTO strategy games and want to work with us, then let's get to know each other.



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